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Can #desco x #gig be a pairing? No one knows who either if them are but they’re my fave #NIS characters and it would be adorable so I think for me, it’s now head canon. Sorry #fujoshi life. #fangirls are gross :( #disgaea #nisa #gaming #disgaea4

Nice person who reblogged this and assumed #fangirlsaregross meant I hate women, or fangirls, or that it was somehow a random hate on women, if you had perhaps taken a moment to think, maybe that it was a self depreciating tag, as it was, in which I was calling myself disgusting for fangirling over a pairing that was whack and random as shit, as it is. It was preceeded by me proclaiming I was living fujoshi life so… Come on guys stop looking for fights, not everything is a god damned attack or a slur against people. If I were a man the tag would have read #fanboysaregross, the point is the tag was about #mebeinggross #notyoubeinggross #Iamadisgustinghumanbeingwhoshipsstuffthatshouldntbeshipped there, hows that tag? God damn son.

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