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The Basics of Emofuri: a shit translation brought to you by Lupin



hey everyone! since i used Emofuri earlier and made a thing, a lot of people have been asking how i used it without getting so confused w/ all the weird text! and well, here’s my take on a translation for everyone. beware: my handwriting is shit so i hope it’s at least decent enough for you to read. i’ll be including some walls of text below each cap about what’s going on. not everything in the program has been capped and translated (roughly) by me. the only parts that are translated are the ones that i capped. and for all the translators out there who are can read Japanese better than me, go ahead and take a stab at translating + creating an english patch. this one is only temporary.


first off, what is EMOFURI?

E-Mote Free Movie Maker, or “Emofuri” is a program that allows you to create character animations using PSD files. It’s similar to Live2D, but way more easier to use since it won’t require dealing w/ lots of numbers. This program is most frequently used when making eroge dating sims. you can export animations through movie / wmv / avi / gif files (NOTE: the program may freeze and close by using E-mote’s exporting system. for the ones i made, i used a program called GifCam).

now if you download this program and see a bunch of weird garbled text (and not actual japanese), this is because your locale is set to English. this goes for anything that you download (whether it be game or program) that is in Japanese. I prefer having your locale set to Japanese to make reading it easier. To do that, follow these instructions. Don’t worry, if you do this, it won’t turn everything into Japanese.

OK! now since that part is covered, onto the program! click the readmore if you’re interested.

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9 x 12 inches of beautiful watercolour artwork of the Dashcon 2014 Ballpit. Never forget it with this stunning new age classic. Painted on Strathmore watercolour paper.

Buy It Now! Price: $17,000

This girl is on an AA group on FB and wanted to know what to do with this painting she did of BALLPIT so I told her to auction it off and stick it up tumblr, I’m so glad she did because behold this BEAUTY, the majesty of BALLPIT shall live forever in one lucky buyer’s home collection.

Clarifications and back up plans-


Hi DashCon Attendees!

It’s been a crazy weekend this weekend, and we literally cannot apologize enough for all of crazy things that have happened. With regards to today and Welcome to Night Vale, we don’t want to get into it, but we want to officially say that we did have the money for Night…

I know if I was expecting my money to get me a WTNV live show I would totally be happy with an hour in an inflatable pool with filthy McDonald’s Playplace balls instead. I mean, while we’re assuming all the con goers are toddlers, why not just jangle some keys in front of their faces and hope they get distracted and forget you owe them anything at all. Maybe give them a lolli and balloon if they manage to get thru the whole con without crying and call it a day.

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