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Hey hey hey guys the WeLoveFine Bleach contest is up for ratings and that means my designs are up for vote!

Please click the abouve link to vote 5 on the Rukia design, and on the other two:

Ichigo solo:


If you know me you know how big of a deal Bleach and Kubo-sensei’s work has meant to me, and yes, I still read it weekly, and yes, I still fangirl.

There’s a lot of really good entries so every vote really does count! To try to encourage everyone to reblog this and vote, everyone who reblogs AND likes this entry by the time the voting ends (even if I don’t win) will be entered into a drawing for a free set of all my Bleach prints I have in stock. Free, just for sharing this and signal boosting!

And if I do somehow miraculously win, you bag a free copy of the shirt too! Bang. Just for signal boosting. Of course, you gotta vote for me to win anything tho, so please don’t forget to click those links and push those big ‘ol 5 boxes!

Thanks guys!

*rolls around*


A set of teaser images for the completed Final Fantasy Compilation Poster. Click HERE to see the post with a download link for the full lineup PNG.  Thanks again to all artists and supporters for making this possible! We did it!!!

Here’s that huge Final fantasy collab I did a character for, it seems a few people dropped out from some main characters, which makes me sad, but there’s still like 200 some characters done, it’s a huge collab!

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